Complaint to FIML

Complaint Email:


1. Trading Dept. will reply to Customer Service in 24 hours

2. For Special cases which need more time to solve, Customer Service will respond to client in 24 hours and arrange more time to solve it.

For more information on how to complain to FSCL, please visit:

Complaint to FSCL

Complaint Email:

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1. Before FSCL can begin their investigation, they need to give FIML the opportunity to resolve the complaint with client.

2. If client are unable to resolve complaint with FIML, or the complaint is unresolved after 40 working days, or FIML tells client to take complaint to FSCL, please refer complaint to FSCL

3. Referring a complaint to FSCL, it will help to tell them: what you think FIML has done wrong, how FIML's action or omission has affected you, what you would like to happen to put things right

4. FSCL will ask client for a waiver of confidentiality, contact client about complaint and may discuss options to resolve it, contact FIML and ask for a response within 10-20 working days, tell client if the complaint falls outside their Terms of Reference

5. Sometimes it is not possible for FSCL to resolve complaint by agreement between client and FIML. FSCL's Chief Executive Officer will review everything client and FIML have told them. FSCL's Chief Executive Officer will then give cleint either:
   · her preliminary view, explaining why she thinks the complaint is unlikely to succeed, or
   · her notice of recommendation, advising how the complaint should be resolved, including what compensation should be paid by FIML.

Client may not accept the Chief Executive Officer’s view. If so, she will again review the information and give client and FIML her formal recommendation. This is the final step in FSCL's process and FIML must accept it. If client do not accept the recommendation he/she may take his/her complaint elsewhere, for example to court.

If FSCL's Chief Executive Officer recommends FIML pays client compensation, client will be asked to sign a settlement form. The settlement form is client's agreement that he/she will not take any further action against FIML.

For more information on how to complain to FSCL, please visit:

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Investors should only use risk capital when trading forex because there is always the risk of substantial loss.
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