ECB interest rates safely above detrimental level: Coeure

发布时间:2016-07-29 10:12:10

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Excessively low European Central Bank interest rates over a long period could do more harm than good but current rates are safely above such a level, ECB Executive Board Member Benoit Coeure said on Thursday.

"The current conditions of financial intermediation suggest, however, that the economic lower bound is safely below the current level of the deposit facility rate and that the impact of negative rates, combined with the asset purchase program and forward guidance, has clearly been net positive," he said.

"But there can be cumulative effects on financial intermediation and financial stability if rates remain very low for a very long time," Coeure told a conference at the Yale School of Management in the United States.

风险提示: 外汇交易、差价合约和其他保证金交易存在较高风险,不适合所有投资者。 增大杠杆意味着增加风险,决定参与保证金交易前, 您应该谨慎考虑您的投资目标、经验等级及风险承受能力。 您可能会亏损部分或者全部资金。 交易者应该清楚的了解与保证金交易相关联的所有风险,如果您有任何疑问, 可在必要时向独立的金融顾问征询意见。

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